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The RYM Box Set Guide to Psytrance


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So the RYM Box Set project was started on the music database rateyourmusic (RYM for short) now known as Sonemic. It's a group project to highlight the essential artists, albums, and tracks for every music genre + scene. The ultimate guide to music genres. 11 Years+ Now!. It's as easy a way to explore a genre as it gets and is a chronological mixtape with a purpose. It was created on 2009 and is still being very actively worked and expanded by a multitude of people. It has over 1,000 genre sets with nearly 1,300 discs worth of music. Many of these are stream-able on YouTube and Spotify.

I helm that project and while we've always had a few sets for psytrance, many of those are the more traditional splits. Goa and Psy-Trance has often been lumped together instead of separated (even my main set needs some re-doing). Dark, Progressive,  and Full On more recently acknowledged. I've made a few sets in the past few years to reflect the subgenres off Trance and Psy-Trance based off the sources out there. I'm always up for improving my existing sets and getting to these newer ones but would also love to get some help from the experts here if possible.

I have a few upcoming sets in draft and in order on discogs. https://www.discogs.com/user/freewave/lists but the rest of the subgenres under Psychedelic Trance are all linked on the main list and below on RYM in much more detail

Goa Trance / Psytrance
Full-On Psytrance
Progressive Psytrance
Psy Tech
Dark Psytrance
Forest Psytrance
New School GOA
Twilight Psytrance
Hi-Tech Psytrance / Psycore

If an album is a solid choice, then it just needs an ideal track to represent that genre best. If you think I need to add something or remove something, let me know. Ultimately experts on this forum will know much more than I will what best represents each subgenre then I ever will and many quotes have been included to give an oral history of the genres and the importance of the selections. . If anyone would like to help I'd love to best reflect them in depth and accurately. Even feedback after I do put out a new set this month on RYM. Thanks!  :wub:



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In the meantime I decided to re-do the main set and cover the Golden age from 1993-2000 and break them into a 4 disc intro thru the chronological years. Since the split really happens at the millennium the rest will likely fall under the individual sets. Dropped the post 2000 selections which included progressive and new school goa, added a lot more comprehensive picks, cleaned up the sources section, and added some videos. On the bottom i show what's already made and what's now on the way. https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-goa-trance-psytrance/


Spotify Playlist (most there)

Made some progress earlier in the week on New School Goa. Have a draft on discogs https://www.discogs.com/lists/New-School-Goa/610314  and an even more complete one being made on rym to reflect.


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Twilight Psytrance  done  https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/rym-ultimate-box-set-twilight-psytrance-1/

Hopefully covered both sides well.

Likely I'll just review what Psychedelic Trance sets I already have done and see if I need to expand or revise anymore.

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Reviewed my previous list on Darkpsy and added another disc worth of comps and releases to include. Stopped at 2010 since I really didn't see a load of essentials AFTER that. Hopefully it looks accurate. As always feedback is welcome if given on any of these lists.



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Just a reminder of this project's attempt at looking at the Psytrance subgenres and in a historical arc for the essential releases. You can get access them through our blog, we've got regular Trance also included on that wing of the project but separated. Other Electronic and non electronic are there too.




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