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Auricle - Maninfesting My Future

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Auricle’s inner siren is sounding again as she hypnotizes you with her latest mix,
"Manifesting My Future", a psychedelic journey that will carve its way into your
mind before opening a future that Auricle controls as she weaves her audio trickery
into your body and connects it with your soul. Enjoy!

Auricle is an established and respected DJ within the Australian and International
psychedelic trance scene; having launched herself as a Psytrance DJ in 2004 with her
International debut in the same year in Hong Kong for Sonic Dragon, witnessed and
memorized by 1200+ party goers!

Listen | Download: Click Here

Track Listing:
01. Oneness – Original mix
02. Neuroplasm – The art of melting time
03. Liquid Soul, Outsiders, Symbolic, Zyce - Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsiders remix)
04. Protonica, Tristate - Source Code
05. Divination – Shot in the dark
06. Dramatic – Original mix
07. Neuroplasm - Untangling reality
08. Out of Range, Relativ - Tomorrow lasts forever (Out of Range remix)
09. Neuroplasm - Strange data
10. Hyperception – Ascention (unreleased)
11. Atacama, Jakaan - Etro's protector
12. Audiotec,Sinerider - Physics of consciousness
13. Psyonysus - Dimensions of consciousness
14. Zen mechanics, Audiotec – Telemetry
15. Divination – Caper town
16. Neuroplasm - How to manifest the future
17. Spirit Architect – Ayahuasca
18. Contineum, Neuroplasm – Tremors
19. Audiofire, Relativ - Balearic Dawn
20. Audiotec – Shades
21. Sonic Species – Trance is life
22. Neuroplasm, Sinerider - Dust at dawn
23. Sonic Species – Zero
24. Neuroplasm – Cascadia
25. Open Tribe, Sinerider - Silica pathways (Open Tribe remix)
26. Yestermorrow, Zen Mechanics – Solarians
27. Neuroplasm – Luminescent
28. Escape, Neuroplasm - Ecliptic Shift
29. Neuroplasm, Relativ - Moon Ritual
30. Sinerider - Primordial Ohm
31. Sonic Species, Tristate - Generation X (Tristate remix)
32. Escape – Transform
33. Interactive Noise, Liquid Soul – Purity (Interactive Noise remix)

Auricle Links & Social Media:
Auricle | Info-Bookings
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Auricle | Mixcloud
Auricle | Soundcloud

Psylicious Links:
Psylicious | Website
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Psylicious | Facebook
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