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Digitalis - The Early Years

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Seb Taylor recently released a collection of Digitalis tracks on Bandcamp. It was a very very pleasant surprise. 

1. S.P.I.R.A.L. 06:50

2.Kyphi 07:08

3.Figments of Reality (Trance Mix) 06:07

4.Slotek 06:20

5.Spiked 06:47

6.Dr Sembei 05:35

7.Widga 05:47

8.Repeater 06:41

9.The Mind Gap 07:49

10.No Analysis 06:41

11.Ambisquij 05:59

12.3rd State (Freak Bass Mix) 04:25

13.Waving Not Drowning 06:03

14.Satori 07:28

15.What Else U Got? 06:57

16.Magick Mirror 07:32

17.Not Human 06:23

18.Rapid Eye 06:20

19.Repeater (Clone Mix) 06:56

20.Falling Down 06:04

21.Delta Key 07:53

22.Double Helix 06:15

23.Too Close 06:27

24.Loup Garou 06:20

25.Mutagen 06:43

26.Chaos By Design 06:54

27.Osho Drums 06:14

28.Figments (Funkopath Remix) 05:58

29.Telepresence 07:03

30.Soma Junkie 06:08

31.The Improbable Voyage 05:35

32.Yab Yum Soul 05:43

33.Shakta 07:32

34.Somaton 04:29

35.The Siren 06:11

36.Morphology 06:18

37.Serene Obscene 05:06

38.Figments... (Chilled Mix) 06:36

Can't quite believe It's been 25 YEARS since I released my first record!

To mark the occasion I have collected EVERY Digitalis 12", Album & Compilation track from 1995 to 2000 & put them into this 'Anniversary' release.

Includes Releases from 21:3, Indica, Matsuri, Roost Records, Dragonfly, Flying Rhino, Phantasm & Resonoise Records.

BONUS 1: A special 16 page PDF booklet chronicling my own journey through the underground UK Rave / Club / Trance Scene in the mid nineties. It truly was a golden era & I feel lucky to have been part of it.

BONUS 2: An (optional) extra download of unreleased demo tracks, old flyers & gig footage from '94-'95. Simply follow the instructions in the PDF booklet if you're interested in such artifacts from the scene ;)*

Cheers all!


* 'Bonus 2' is still being prepared / compiled, so may require a little patience :)

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