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Zeta Reticuli - Superbright Ep

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Artist: Zeta Reticuli
Title: Superbright Ep
Label: Kali Earth Records
Date: February, 2020

1. Blue Archangel
2. UY Scuti
3. Pleiadians

Well this was a pleasant surprise.  This is Alexander Prokopchik with a very good debut EP.  He had a track on the VA Gamayun Tale that was pretty decent, but other than that there isn't much out there.  This ep has three tracks that all have many twists and turns with very enjoyable goa melodies, but it's unlike most stuff out there.  Perhaps it's a mix of psytrance and goa trance, but he doesn't stay married to just one avenue.  As soon as you're comfortable with a measure it's off on the next tangent.  Keeps it fresh for sure.  YU Scuit is my fave.

It's a very promising start and I look forward to seeing where he goes from here.

Kali Earth Bandcamp

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