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VA Neural Embers (Moon Koradji Rec.)

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Omsun    1

Greetings dear Earthlings.
Moon Koradji Records proudly presents their new release VA Neural Embers:


1. Inzect - Trip (148)
2. Molchun - Drame Essentiel (149)
3. Adansonia - Vendaval (150)
4. Inzect - Trap (148)
5. Adansonia - Extract & Eject (149)
6. Molchun - Théâtre de la Cruauté (149)
7. Adansonia - Flaming Worms (149)
8. Inzect - Troll (150)
9. Molchun - Deconstructed Cocktail (151)

The split includes some of the most unique and avant-garde artists of psytrance scene: Inzect from Sweden, Molchun from Russia and Adansonia from Argentina. Each of them will show his mastery of the transformation of thought into an audio form. The journey will be entertaining and will undoubtedly open new horizons for you.

Compiled by DJ Omsun
Graphics by Jonas Lovén @ FAIA Graphic Studio
Mastering by Christer Lundström @ Ka-Sol Studio

Release date: May 15th, 2020

Moon Koradji Records - World Wide Psychedelic

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Penzoline    352

Those Adansonia tracks are banging. I love the bassline twist on the guys production.

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