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FREAK IN ON At Live: Trance In Home - 05.04.2020 - Full On Mix


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What's up psyheads ?!

I had the pleasure of performing at Live: Trance In Home, which scrolled through the profile on the Psy Wave Agency faceebok.

I hope you enjoy it very much!


Track List:

1. Sonic Species - Smashing The Veil
2. Sonic Species - The Force
3. Sonic Species - Tokyo Sunrise (Transient Disorder Remix)
4. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
5. Altruism, Burn In Noise - Shamanic
6. Solitary Shell, Hypnoise - World Beyond
7. Spectra Sonics, Hypnoise - Face to Face
8. Reversed Logic, Hypnoise - Logic Noise
9. Hypnoise - Sacred Path
10. Spinal Fusion, Hypnoise - Noizefuzion
11. Hypnoise - Never Ending Circle
12. Hypnoise - Imaginary Outlines



SoundCloud: Psy Wave Agency

SoundCloud: FREAK IN ON DJ


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