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  1. What's up guys?! I am from Brazil, and like many here in love with psytrance. I would like to share with you my latest work. They expect you to enjoy the set and if possible tell me what you think. Thank you very much and long live psy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PT BR: E ai galera?! Eu sou do brasil, e como muitos aqui apaixonado por psytrance. Gostaria de partilhar com vocês o meu mais recente trabalho. Esperam que curtam o set e se possível me digam o que acharam. Muito obrigado e vida longa ao psy! SoundCloud Profile: click in here
  2. What's up psyheads ?! I had the pleasure of performing at Live: Trance In Home, which scrolled through the profile on the Psy Wave Agency faceebok. I hope you enjoy it very much! Track List: 1. Sonic Species - Smashing The Veil 2. Sonic Species - The Force 3. Sonic Species - Tokyo Sunrise (Transient Disorder Remix) 4. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix) 5. Altruism, Burn In Noise - Shamanic 6. Solitary Shell, Hypnoise - World Beyond 7. Spectra Sonics, Hypnoise - Face to Face 8. Reversed Logic, Hypnoise - Logic Noise 9. Hypnoise - Sacred Path 10. Spinal Fusion, Hypnoise - Noizefuzion 11. Hypnoise - Never Ending Circle 12. Hypnoise - Imaginary Outlines SoundCloud: Psy Wave Agency SoundCloud: FREAK IN ON DJ
  3. What's up psy heads? Are you in the mood to enjoy advanced psychedelia? So hit play on the link below and enjoy this trip! Track List: 1. Freak Control - Psychedelic World 2. Liquid Soul, Outsiders - Life Frequency 3. Outsiders, Vertical Mode - The Age of Giants 4. Raja Ram, Outsiders - Hill Top 5. Altruism - Endless Smile 6. Freak Control - Voodoo Skull 7. Mystic, Hypnocoustics, Freak Control - Human Experience 8. Altruism - 311 9. Ananda Shake - Magic Mushrooms 10. Freak Control - Delirium 11. Circuit Breakers - Rumblicious (Freak Control Remix) soundcloud: Click here instagram: Click here
  4. Hey guys, everything ok? I'm from Brazil and I would like to share with you my latest dj set mix, I hope you enjoy it! Everyone ready for this psychedelic trip ?! Let's go! Track List: Mystic, Freak Control - Chemical Signal Freak Control - Use Your Mind Altruism - Dreamers Of Dreams Melting Point (INT) - Vortex Melting Point (INT) - Spiralized Menog - Kikkarapyllyt Menog, Mad Maxx - Time Travel Mystic, Freak Control - The Tunnel Freak Control - New Vision Freak Control - Energy Future Freak Control - Do Your Mandala follow: soundcloud follow: instagram
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