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DJ suNdRoP

suNdRop - RIDE TOGETHER - Intense, Trippy Psytrance Mix (148 BPM)

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Wanna come along for a ride? Let's go on a trip together, it'll be wild and fun and fast, bouncy and funky, it'll have its ups and downs, it'll even be dark for a while, but don't worry, we'll end up back in the light!

On YouTube:


Or SoundCloud:



1. Warp Engine - Funky Fresh (Mental Bugs Remix)
2. E.V.P - 2119 A.D.
3. E.V.P - Wild Beasts
4. Mental Bugs - Acoustic Languages
5. Mental Bugs - Freak Spider
6. Gaspard - Magic Slug Jam
7. Jumpstreet - Sci-Fi
8. Shred'er - Fukuyama
9. Shred'er - Kawabunga
10. Synkronic, Jumpstreet - Competitive Breath Holding
11. Synthetik Chaos - Kagura
12. Delirium Tremens, Ninesense - Exhale
13. Once Upon A Time, Juuu - Archetypes
14. Primordial Ooze, Misinterpret - Reunion
15. Delirium Tremens, Kusabi, Brain Jam, Psiked'eliah, N.E.S., Saikro - Royal Rumble 2
16. Once Upon A Time - Name A Name
17. Jumpstreet - Buffer Boogie
18. Earthworm - Revolt Head
19. Primordial Ooze, Terrafractyl - The Next Step
20. E.V.P - Ships Computer
21. Mental Bugs - Polistes Carniflex
22. Earthworm - Chocolate
23. Manipulation - Space Walk
24. Dharma, Jumpstreet - Geometry of Space
25. Less Is More - Goateque
26. Terrafractyl - Finale
27. Tristan, Raja Ram - The Beautiful Garden

In order of appearance, plus three tracks make return appearances.


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