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Divine Magic Theory

DNAprocess DJ set (Divine Magic Theory records)

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DNAprocess DJ Set @ Sonic Wave (Sofia, Bulgaria)


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150-155 bpm

1. Praheya - Earth Mother
2. MPF - Soo Simple feat. Mendrion
3. Insane Creatures - Hydromedusa
4. Sequoya, Cosinus - Like A Sloth
5. Cryptophonix - Reconnection
6. Mechanical Species - Intellectual Captivity
7. Purist - Yuxibu
8. Ugammi - Jesus
9. Kabayun, Antonymous - Clusters and Constellations
10. Nargun - Nowhere Riders
11. Freakplanet, Ohminside - Supernatural
12. Drury Nevil - Spectral Pitch
13. Mark Day, Noein - The Implicate Order
14. Via Axis, Purist - Unfolding Hypercubes

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DNAPROCESS | Sound of Relevation | Divine Magic Theory | Podcast #9


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