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State of No Return Vol.3 - Nov. 2nd 2019 - Shanghai, China


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Two bangin' parties at C’s Bar in August and September, so here is a third, STATE OF NO RETURN Vol. 3 for November. Things for the Psy Trance scene in Shanghai are picking up and pick up fast. how do we know? Well, check this, Shanghai’s newest Psy Trance promo crew, TRIGG3R! So come check out a new DJ, FERRY along with our old favorites S.U.N. (BMSS - India) with his dance floor packing skills, and Ancient Alias (GoaProductions - SA) who will be bring back vibes fresh from his gig in Qingdao for GoaProductions Decennial Album release tour. If you haven’t seen the video footage on Facebook or Instagram, click the links! We are gonna kill it again on this night at C's Bar. Don't miss it!

Trigg3r & IGF 星际果阿联盟



State of No Return: Vol. 3



No doubt, we back again and again! The start button has been pushed and now the hadron collider cannot be stopped. What will you do as it prepares to fire another electron at the observation core? Come join us as we dance and fire off hand held lasers to re-enact the spooky physics of quantum entanglement all night long!




Ancient Alias (GoaProductions - SA)

Sun (BMSS - India)

Ferry (Trigg3r - 上海)


Deco: IGF



10pm Saturday, November 2nd, 2019


Entrance Fee: Free



C's Bar ~ 685 Dingxi Lu, near Yanan Xi Lu

定西路685号, 近延安西路

State of No Return 3 - 2019-11-02 - flyer-poster - even SMALLER.jpeg

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