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Rigel - Creativity Portals


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Ovnimoon records

1. Cellar Door  07:34
2. Creativity Portals  08:00    
3. Singularity Spike  08:38    
4. Aperture Science  08:08    
5. Wormhole Wizard  08:02    
6. The Rabbit Hole  08:50    
7. The Summoning  08:26 (feat. Etnica)
8. Multidimensional  08:17    
9. Universal Evolution  08:31

Creativity Portals is the fifth album produced by Rigel Vasili, artist from Greece. This is 2019, pretty much every psytrance album sounds well produced, and mastered with great attention to details. But on the music side, this album did not grab me for the most part. I do believe the review section should also include albums that we didn't enjoy much. Tough luck for Rigel : )

For me this is a kind of psytrance that is hard to like, it is between progressive, full-on and techno, but it's not really deep and not really melodic either. This reminds me of the techno era of Etnica, not surprised when I found out track #7 was a collaboration with them, and it's nothing special.
Of course it's not all bad, track #4 has a cool sample vocal with interesting energy all along. Track #5 is more psychedelic than the rest, and track #6, The Rabbit Hole, is a solid number with acid lines and a catchy melody in the second half of the track. 

Tracks have some melodic sequences here and there, there is a touch of (noisy) electro, but coming from Ovnimoon records I expected something deeper and more inspiring. The good ingredients just stay on the surface but don't develop enough, and focus is mostly on the progressive (full-onish) bassline, and dancefloor energy, so I thought most of the album was forgettable. 
To each their own, I rate it 5/10, hopefully it will please some people on this forum!

Listen / Buy: https://ovnimoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rigel-creativity-portals-ovnicd129-ovnimoon-records 

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