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Hedustma - Forms 03


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Ovnimoon records, 2019.

1. Modul Octagon (Ambient Intro Version)  06:08    
2. Resonanz  07:37    
3. We Aren't Ready To Understand  08:56    
4. Modul Octagon  07:32    
5. Acid Instinct  07:37    
6. Androgenus  06:50    
7. Toxic Enviroment  09:55    
8. Flotar  08:08    
9. Techtrance  08:03    
10. Possible Worlds  08:40


Ovnimoon Records proudly presents a long-awaited Hedustma's techno trance album titled Forms 3. 
Hedustma is the project of Hector Stuardo more known as Ovnimoon, oriented in new paths of trance music, mixing styles found on techno Scene, going for deep and emotional atmospheres convened with trance sounds, giving a new way to guide you into a trance state of mind. This genre is called by the experts “techtrance”. Hedustma’s third Album is the continuing series called “Forms” and is Hector's searching for keep trance alive on the purest ways possible.

It was clear from the Bandcamp description that this release would be leaning towards the techtrance side of things. The album has some dark hypnotic overtones. The artist is throwing a lot of influences from the techno genre, at times reminiscent of what we could hear in the nineties too, Laurent Garnier for instance if we can mention a veteran, but also Planet BEN and of course X-dream. 
Could be too dark and too minimal for some, but if you are into this kind of sound, you simply cannot go wrong with this album. 
The minimalist, yet evolving side of things is appealing to me. Most tracks share a similar recipe: kick and bass combo to set the mood, building up to emotional atmospheres, more trance sounds in second half of the tracks, very effective emotional trance pads, especially until the fifth track.

Favorite tracks are #5 and #7. As the name says, Acid Instinct throws in some mechanical and hypnotic acid lines, progresses very slowly and is later supported by ethereal trance pads. The tension rises until the final climax.
Toxic Environment is a unique track. Probably my favorite here. Deliberately repetitive, but every new sound or noise added has a purpose. It nicely builds an evil atmosphere all along. This track is pure entrancing, psychedelic techno. A dark robotic beauty.
Only tracks that did not do it for me were #6, and to a lesser extent #9, a bit too basic, too simple. Thumbs up for the ending track, a blend of techtrance and atmospheric ambient masterly executed.

Rating: 7.5/10.

Listen / buy: https://ovnimoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hedustma-forms-03-ovnicd128-ovnimoon-records

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