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Psychedelic Quest - Vibrations (timewarp122 - Timewarp)

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Psychedelic Quest - Vibrations (timewarp122 - Timewarp)

Band Camp: bit.ly/2xRJU2T
Beatport: bit.ly/2XYP73C
Psyshop: bit.ly/2Y3Yjnc 
Spotify: spoti.fi/32AIyrf
Itunes: apple.co/2Z0D7jf
Amazon: amzn.to/2Z27qGe
GooglePlay: bit.ly/2YY1L4d
JunoDownload: bit.ly/2Z90reZ
Youtube: bit.ly/2YeIkXK

01 - Psychedelic Quest - Vibrations
02 - Psychedelic Quest - Horizons Without End
03 - Psychedelic Quest - Psychotherapy

"Timewarp Records proudly presents outstanding new EP 'Vibrations'! 3 super unique and melodic tracks which will for sure make you dance and enjoy! Leonidas Giotis is the man, behind the Goa Trance Project, Psychedelic Quest. He started his experience into electronic music, in the background of the '90s, with techno and house tunes for then, and from 1994 he began to explore the Psychedelic Trance Culture, among with the great Goa and Psychedelic Parties, at Battery, Alsos, Camel,+Soda, etc,and the first party teams for then,such as Sunrise Zone,Amorphia,Trancemedia,etc. He made his first steps generally, in the faze of electronic music, in the early of 2000, with some poor since then musical experience, about the sound and the music in general. He played DJ sets with his project in some Goa and Nitzcho parties in Greece, featuring old school Psychedelic and Goa Trance sounds, as it concerns his own style of producing this kind of music. He has made some digital releases in netlabels, with Nitzcho and Goa Trance sounds, plus one official release in a Turkish label. He has also a free release, of his first Goa Trance Album, with the title, Alternate Constellations. Now he joined the forces of Timewarp Records!"



Released by:


Release date:

19 July 2019


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