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Old school artists / tracks not well known but very good


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40 minutes ago, AstralSphinx said:

I don’t know, some of the examples posted here that are tracks featured on Destination Goa simply don’t qualify IMO. I mean it was one of, if not the the most well known and best selling Goa Trance compilation out there. So that doesn’t really qualify as ”not well known” in my book. :D 

If thousands of people heard them it becomes a contradiction. My definition of not very well known/obscure but still very good Goa, would be stuff that really didn’t reach a wider audience because of rarity and perhaps because the artists wanted to keep a low profile. And in some cases because of how it was shared/distributed. Perhaps only on some rare DAT-tapes. ;) 

Some of the examples here that were featured on many famous compilations I would argue are less popular, not less well known. And it’s probably in some cases due to the other music on those compilations beeing more memorable.

One theory I have is that when one has listened countless times to the most well known tracks and got bored with them, one tends to dive a little deeper and try out the tracks that didn’t immediately grab your attention before. I find myself doing this a lot at least with tracks on albums.

Do you have any examples yourself or just critiquing the tracks already posted :P

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27 minutes ago, AstralSphinx said:

Well that’s the essence of the problem. :D The really good Goa old school everybody heard already. Besides the really sought after rare stuff that Suntrip and other labels have released/remastered in recent times, I personally don’t think there is much more out there. If there is I’m sure it will be re-released at some point. B)

There is a lot to dive through tho, both in terms of the classic stuff and also all the new remasters etc. 

There have been some stuff posted on this forum before that was unreleased or rare which blew my mind. And I’m still kinda mindblown about some of the Dimension 5 tracks that were released on Suntrip, which for inexplicable reasons for me had remained unreleased. 

But It’s really not often I feel mindblown in that sense. :) If anything sadly I think some older stuff is getting less impressive with the passage of time. Hence why I really appreciate the stuff which maintains a timeless quality.

I could more easily point to some new school goa from the 2000’s which was really impressive, but the issue is I’m not sure any of it is available online anymore. I might start a separate thread for investigating further into that.

i dont think its a problem... sure there are tracks that people might not have heard before or might be oldies that are forgotten. either way it serves a good purpose i think. but according to you we have heard everything already :( that kinda feels like a bummer. no hard feelings btw. :) 

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