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Greg Hunter - μTantra


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2.5 years, 6 Kickstarter projects and 7 releases. Digital Reprints started as a dream, materialised as a reality and expanded to an obsession. An obsession to bring as much quality music possible to the physical media. Media in the form of extremely limited (but still affordable) box sets, with cover art that does justice to the music and compliment each other in an onomatopoetic way. Just check our ratings on Discogs.

I am asking for your help once more. Please remember that even if you don't plan to pledge please do share on your social media. Kickstarter relies on word to mouth advertisement so it really important. Short link


There are so many artists out there that I would love to see their music printed on cds. But it makes it so hard for me to put them on a priority list because for me all of them are on the same spot, first place. So, to make it easier, I decided to change my way of thinking slightly. It is time to surprise people, go back to the roots, to the artists that started this music genre, the legends.And the next project is a Legend. He was creating Psychedelic Dub when it didn't even exist as a genre. He worked with The Orb, Youth, Killing Joke, Derrick May, Juno Reactor, Juan Atkins and in groups such as Dub Trees and Celtic Cross.He has been involved in too many projects to list. He has used many monikers to present his musical creations, Dubsahara, Subsurfing, Metasurfing, Waveshaper, Alien Soap Opera and more. He has been involved in so many collaborations leaving his sonic signature. At this point everyone knows that I am talking for Mr Greg Hunter so any more words are unnecessary really.

I am asking yet again your help, to print some of his music in a beautiful and rare box set.

The 4xCD box set will include the following releases:

CD1: Dubsahara - Geonosis

CD2: Oïd Mü - The Back End of Nowhere, Toploader

His recent collaboration with Craig Musham & Simon Lord 

CD3: Organismic - Primordial Super Fly

and with Darren Sangita

CD4: Spectralite - Temple Of Stars

Plus 6 bonus tracks from Oïd Mü which will be available only digitally.

The artwork will be designed by the talented Hakan Hisim. It will be based upon his ongoing art project, Universal Transmission. I found that the mysticism and the linguistic cipher used on the series fits so well with the tone set by Greg's sonic waves. Don't you agree?

This is our chance to bring something really unique and proudly present it on our music library. 

Let's start, shall we?

Soon Bandcamp link


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