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I'm going to Peru for a while and sell my spare albums, or albums where i have the songs on another disc...

Some are really rare, others rare and one or two casual... I looked for the prices on discogs and did -20 to -50 %
I'm strickt on my ratings: M = NEW, NM = Looks like new but is played, VG+ = some hairlines, played a lot but cared a lot. VG = some minor scratches, maybe i put it to hard in the case or player.

Condition VG+ (almost NM)
Price: 100€

Tromesa GDYBY + PASMA CZASU = Limited Double ReRelease Lost in Time Records
Condition M (I released them, my last 3 spare copies).
Price: 30€

Derango - Tumult - Inpsyde Media
Condition VG+ (almost NM) / Cover NM
Price: 100€

Solar Plexus - Images of the 5th dimension - Hypnotic
Condition VG+ (original jewelcase but is broken on bottom (only 'clicks' at the lay-in on top))
Price: 85€

ks United
Condition: VG+
Price: 20€

Ephedrix - Far Away
Condition: VG+
Price: 15€

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