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Somnesia - Infinite Mind (Timewarp Records)

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InFecTeD_gOa    29

Timewarp turns our inner eye towards the within this time for an introspective and consciousness expanding chapter channelled from the creative spirit of Somnesia entitled 'Infinite Mind'. Experience the freshest chapter in the continuing quest to keep the eternal cosmic flame that is the spirit of the true Goa Trance essence alive. This will be his transformative 5th full length album and no doubt is his best work to date. From the first note this music instantly transports you across the universe.




1–Somnesia & Kobaïa_Light Particle_7:50 (Somnesia Remix)

2–Somnesia_Cerebral Land_9:17

3–Somnesia_Anti Gravity_7:42

4–Somnesia & PharaOm_Darkness (Somnesia Remix)_8:53

5–Somnesia_Endorphin Memory_9:11

6–Somnesia_Moment Of Essence_8:24

7–SomnesiaInfinite Mind_10:02

8–Asura Vs Aes Dana_Elie (Somnesia Remix)_9:14


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Fungi    44

Cocoricco !!!! :) Good job as usual ! French Goa vibes inside !

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