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Everything's Connected - MiKroMaKro - A new, dreamy morning psy release : )

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And so a new track is ready : ) This time a lighter feel, down tempo 133bpm, keeping it melodic, dreamy and tranced out. (If I have to position it using psy trance sub genres  it is a morning prog track, to be played in between the trees in a secret grove) I hope you enjoy the mood and sentiment and that it raises your spirits !





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On 7/14/2018 at 10:13 PM, MikroMakro said:

to be played in between the trees in a secret grove)

it also works well when played while burning the trees in secret!


lovely, lush grooves... waves of liquid aural gold cascading through my ear drums. there's not enough of this 135bpm-ish crystalline grooved psytrance left being produced these days but when it's as well made as this, it always hits the spot

i saw you have 2 tracks featured on the upcoming Heart of Goa V6 compilation... congrats buddy!


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