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S.O.L(Seed Of Life)

7 Zen Principles and How to Apply Them to Modern Life

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We’re often conditioned to put the cart of our need-to-reach-enlightenment in front of the horse that will get us there. “There” being some heightened or exalted state “above it all.”

Zen teaches the opposite of this. There is no such state. There is no final enlightenment. Or, if there is, it can only possibly exist in the moment, during the process, unattached to enlightenment. Or, so completely non-attached to it that one becomes connected to all things through it. It’s not a destination but a direction. It’s not a truth but a process. It is only achievable when it is understood that it is ultimately unachievable. The only way to find enlightenment is not to seek it, but to simply be it without needing to be it.

Just breathe through it. Breathe in World. Breathe out Ego. Repeat.

Full article here: https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/psychedelic-fashion-clothing-trippy-t-shirt-seed-of-life-7-Zen-Principles/

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