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Argus - Field of Dreams


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Artist: Argus
Title: Field of Dreams
Label: Altar Records
Date: February, 2018

1. Long Gone
2. Glaciers of Oblivion
3. Followed By Light
4. Wind Song
5. Field of Dreams
6. Untouchable Mind
7. Ocean of Causes
8. Under the Mountain
9. Nemrak


It's Saturday and I've only had one cup of coffee so what better way to chill than to listen to some, uh...chill.  Argus is Branko Stojiljkovic from Serbia and for my money one of the best downtempo artists today.  His style is drifting, melodic, and so welcoming.  I haven't heard his album Architect of Time (my fault), but thoroughly enjoyed Deep Water and Beyond Sight.  Right out of the gate with Long Gone he sets you up in your favorite lazy boy with ethereal vocals and a mellow groove.  His style of slowly exploring the sonic space is delicious as the ear hunts for new sounds.  His movement into and out of breaks is seamless and provides a stunning experience.  The music vacillates between cold and warm, but always maintains a thoughtfulness or a melancholy tone.  Tracks like Wind Song and Field of Dreams get into that mid-tempo style, but I don't believe that's where his strength is.  It's when he stretches a track out, let's it take it's time and allows all the pieces to come together when he wields his greatest power in my opinion. 

A very good album that was perfect for contemplation between cups of joe.

Altar Records Bandcamp


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