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Ziptnf - Sonic Firestorm [full power psytrance]


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Babies really take away all the extra time that you used to have. I'm admittedly behind in my psy/trance/EDM circles and I haven't done any proper digging in a while. I spent a few weeks trying to squeeze an hour here and there to dig. It's fatiguing to listen to this stuff so I got tired of searching quickly. But I wound up with 1 hour of no-nonsense, balls to the wall, robots fighting each other with chainsaws, max power psytrance. 

I never thought I'd still be making mixes like this at 30, but I guess I might as well make more mixes as I continue training for events and races. Finding the time is the hard part.

Dystortion & Spektro Boy - The Keeper [Kaos Krew]
Biokinetix - Brain Storm (ft. Natural Disorder) [Geomagnetic]
Psycho System - Logical Reborn [Up!Noize]
Mr. Dryfuss - Space Travel [Speedsound]
Alienn - Another Trip [Hypergate]
Menticide - Knocked Out [Kaos Krew]
Creative Mind - Strings [Mechanik]
Brain Hunters - Katana [LW]
Brain Attack - Engage the Noise [Mechanik]
Micromax - Fear [Up!Noize]

Click to download:

Ziptnf - Sonic Firestorm (1:01:19) 136MB ~320kbps

Image source: [URL=https://chaosfissure.deviantart.com/]chaosfissure[/URL]

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