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Perfect Blind - Replika


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Artist: Perfect Blind
Title: Replika
Label: Self-Released
Date: April, 2018

01. The Doctor (Dr.Who Theme Cover)
02. Metropolis (Kraftwerk Cover)
03. Dark Train (Underworld Cover)
04. Immobilized (Front Line Assembly Cover)
05. Replicant (Covenant Cover)
06. Oxygene (Jean Michel Jarre Cover)
07. Dej Mi (Croatian folk song - V2)
08. Sheyn (Haustor Cover)
09. Our Darkness (Anne Clark Cover)
10. A Forest (The Cure Cover)
11. It's No Good (Depeche Mode Cover)
12. End Titles (Vangelis Cover)

Perfect Blind (also Deimos) is Igor Čeranić from Croatia and if you do not know who he is stop feeling sorry for yourself and do your homework.   This is a fantastic electronic musician that leans towards the darker more industrial side of psytrance.  Didn't catch his latest Stratum album?


It's so f*cking good.  Moody, atmospheric, industrial paradise.  That said the guy is a wizard when it comes to electronic music having stretched his programming muscles with downtempo and goa trance music as well as the industrial stuff.  With this release he takes a bunch of songs that had some strong personal meaning to him and puts his own spin on them.  You know those moments right? 

First kiss.

Ugh, we arrested Michael Jackson for less.

First date.

I'm not going to lie to you.  This might come back to be a problem later.

And who could forget the first time you got arrested and the po po wouldn't take you to the bathroom.


Good times.  So he made a cover album with more modern sounds and an industrial sound.  As he himself said it can hardly be classified as Perfect Blind material, but he had a good time doing it so who the f*ck cares.  Most of the songs I had never heard so in that respect it made me hit YouTube to see what he did.  I have always been a fan of his work and his industrial downtempo version of Dej Mi was very appealing.

It's not something I can listen to very frequently, but I applaud him for doing something different that makes him happy.  If I made a cover album with songs that were the soundtrack to my life you would think I was a pre-pubescent little girl.


Perfect Blind Bandcamp

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