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Ekata (Psytek) - Synchronicity (raw, dark, acidic set)


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Hey everyone! I'm one of the Belgian Cronomi dj's and I'm sharing around my latest dj set. I tried to play in between Goatrance and Forest Trance and pursue a very distinct raw and ravy sound. I mostly used bits and pieces of tracks and went for short mixes. I'm really curious what you guys would think of it since I normally only include a short section of this music in my oldskool sets on parties.

<iframe width="100%" height="120" src="https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?hide_cover=1&feed=%2FPsyt3k%2Fekata-psytek-synchronicity%2F" frameborder="0" ></iframe>




1. Fragletrollet - Origins
2. Hutti & Uttu - The Crack of Thunder
3. Meteloids - Infected By 3D
4. Droidsect - The Box
5. Droidsect - Supernatural
6. Lunar Plexus - Ugglor I Mossen
7. Droidsect - Poltergeist (Digital Talk Remix)
8. Grapes of Wrath - More Me
9. Farebi Jalebi - Who's Who in the Zoo
10. Derango - Sluggy
11. Toï Doï - Age Age
12. Zoon - Goskog
13. Shivattva - Slinky Wire
14. Toï Doï - Fusion Froide
15. Laatoka - Witch Technology
16. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Demonoizer (Freak Brothers Remix)
17. Toï Doï - E-Tium
18. Ka-Sol - Greenbuttskunk
19. Uminum - No Control
20. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Bodyhit
21. Ufomatka - The City of Acid Trips
22. Zoon - Stormbringer
23. Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Other Way Around
24. Toï Doï - Replicant



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