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Schizoid Bears - Dictator of Silence

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Artist: Schizoid Bears
Title: Dictator of Silence
Label: Forest Freaks
Date: July, 2017

1. Shimmy Ye
2. Kito Visato
3. Analogue Woods
4. Man / Robot
5. Spacecake
6. Dropout
7. Kuelveerstuk
8. Keep It In My Heart
9. Parabulock


P. Tale and C. Monster are back with their third release offered freely by our friends at Ektoplazm.  Lithuanian Forest Freaks has been making some noise (get it?) in this genre with compilations like the Under the Moss series.  This project does forest right with dark and uncertain atmospheres that bring to mind those places we are loathe to tread.  There is a lot of twists and turns with new sounds lurking around every tree making for a very saturated aural experience.  It can be harsh and electrically abrasive yet continuously lends itself to deep hallucination.  Tracks like Man / Robot and Drop Out seem to have a perfect mix of power and psychedelia.  In truth it's a lot to take in and like a lot of releases in this genre the sound sometimes tends to get bogged down with its equivalence.  That said, I really liked it and while it isn't something I would listen to everyday, it gave me a sense of unease throughout.    

Free at Ektoplazm

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