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Senang - Connection With Nature Ep


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Artist: Senang
Title: Connection With Nature Ep
Label: Banyan Records

1. Owl Lights
2. Sacret Agni
3. Alive Source (with Umber Vamber)
4. Connection With Nature

This label is pretty cool and for my money (even though some of their releases are freely offered) they are one of the highlights in the niche genre of forest trance.  Check this one out for your night time pleasure.  Forest oftentimes falls into the same pitfall as darkpsy does with the lack of a discernible melody and incessant, constant hammering of the bassline.  There's nothing really to grab onto until the artist begins to pay attention to the details.  And you'll find that here in this short digital ep beginning with the psychedelic cover.  Sure that hammering bass line is there, but he broadens the track with some eerie atmosphere and those delicious, swampy bubbles.  It's pull your collar tighter and start looking at your surroundings a little closer type music.  And it's free, so that makes it even sweeter!

Free at Banyan Records



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