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Unusual Cosmic Process - Aquatic

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Artist: Unusual Cosmic Process
Title: Aquatic
Label: Uxmal Records
Date: June, 2014

1. Under the Water
2. Transformation
3. Cosmic Blue (Phase 1)
4. Sanctuary
5. Aquatic
6. Whales
7. Cosmic Blue (Phase II)
8. Tardigrate


Take a deep dive and submerse yourself into this aquatic wonderland and you shan't be disappointed.  Unusual Cosmic Process is the project of Ukrainian Armen Akopov and I've heard a couple of his releases previously.  Unfamiliar with this artist?  Check out his track Legend on the Neogoa release Turlitava from 2011.   If varied psychill is your thing this one hits all the right notes.  The tracks are lush and fully packed with a very dynamic sound.  Those sounds echo off each other as if leagues beneath the sea in tracks like Cosmic Blue (Phase I) which transitions from a smooth ambient to a bouncy breakbeat.  And those transitions recur frequently in a track like Whales where he combines a whole bunch of styles it can't even really be put into a box.  The second part of Cosmic Blue is one of my favorites with it's progressive march.   He weaves real instruments with electronica and effects to give the album a floaty yet organic feel.  Hell, at times this reminded me of a Jan Hammer production minus the cheese.   The tracks are long for maximum immersion and I think he shines when he focuses more on the ambient production.  The breakbeat stuff is really good too, but with the length of the tracks being what they are it tends to sound a little generic.  Still all in all this was a great release from a great musician.


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