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SUDUAYA "Autumnal Retreat" EP - out now - Altar Records

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Autumnal Retreat EP by SUDUAYA


1. Autumnal Retreat 04:39
2. Wanderlust With You 05:36
3. Rapossa - Last Way (Suduaya Remix) 06:08

One year to the day after the release of 'Venus' and only a few weeks after his amazing remix to The Bhaktas ( bit.ly/2mQKKdA ) Suduaya return with an EP that finds him still on a creative roll.

As we are just heading into the winter season, we hope this EP inspires you to take some time to treat yourself and make a little at home retreat!


released December 15, 2017

W&P by Louis-David Roquefere
♪♫ http://www.facebook.com/suduayalive/

Mastered by DJ Zen
► http://www.altar-records.com

Artwork by Aleksandar Kenzo Zlateski:
► http://www.facebook.com/Aleksandar.Kenzo.Zlateski

♪♫ Track #3 originally released by Lump Records, Chile

Offered in 24bits studio master


©all rights reserved

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Got this on the preorder. Listen to it every morning as i wake up.

Suduaya has such a diverse range of styles that you can almost be certain you'll be getting something different. 

BTW your track on the Liquid Regen remixes was killer. 

Worth a purchase for anyone wondering. 

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