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Sibling - Of Earth Ep


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Artist: Sibling

Title: Of Earth Ep

Label: Self-Released

Date: October, 2015

1 - Verde Ghosts (125 BPM)
2 - Ormus (127 BPM)
3 - Deadly Spawn (92 BPM)
4 - Bloodlines (106 BPM)
5 - Above My Brain (120 BPM)
6 - Slaves (112 BPM)
"What the hell is that?"

Has the frenzied pace of life got you down and you just can't keep up?  Feel like you're always in a hurry, but not getting anywhere?  Well have I got just the thing for you!  Trent Thomas from Arizona is back and has improved everything but his cover art from his first Ep

Don't uh, really know what...what happened there. 

As labelled by Ektoplazm this bass music is some slow motion swampy quicksand.  You can try to resume your high speed machinations, but rest assured you will only dig yourself deeper.  Eerie melodies abound and even though the bpm's are listed at above one hundred, they feel like half that.  Tribal percussion, ancient mystical ritualistic sacrifice, and bass heavy hallucinations await.  This music is excellent at generating an atmosphere of foresty dread helped along by whatever he does to make the samples seemingly come from the other side.  Impending doom is on it's way and the agonizingly slow pace makes it much more terrifying. 

And there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Free at Ektoplazm

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