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here's a psytrance track ive been working on id love some feedback!


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Good work man :D but for the feedback, i would cut away some of the samples and sounds to leave more room for the bass to talk by itself. this is something I used to have alot problems with, I wanted to have as much of my ideas out as possible, but sometimes less is more. I really like the track and it give me some "Flyh" vibes :D


theres also some frequencies from the birds thats to high.


I would love to add you on facebook and share Ideas and such. Its always good to have another ears to listnen :D



and https://www.facebook.com/DjTwistedDesire/for my artist page

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I really, really like it - it sounds very unique, quite different to most of stuff out there even in the forest genre and that's what matters. Sure, as @Twisted Desire above said, balance and placement in the mix of particular sounds could be improved, but that's a technical thing that you'll undoubtably improve on that as time goes by. The ideas are there, the story is there, the pacing is right.


Followed on SC, looking forward to more tunes! :)

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