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"Mindcooler" by Open Source [GL recs]

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Ghost Label records is happy to announce the release of the tenth full-length album from the eccentric producer Open source. The release comes with 9 newly edited tracks in psychill style, but it also explores psydub, dubstep & industrial breaks. By breaking all barriers, Open Source imprints different kinds of down-tempo music on his own psychedelic style. Every song is full of feeling and ritual vibes that will guide you through your inner self and outward into the universe, a universe of heavy drum-sets, outlandish reverberations and mystical melodies.



01. Open Source - Never Forever (Psybreaks Version)

02. Open Source - Blessed All Forms Of Intelligence (Psybreaks Version)

03. Open Source - Psychedelic Realm (Perfect Edition)

04. Open Source - In Cyclones (Drum & Bass Version)

05. Open Source - Sedna's Solo Dance (Psybreaks Version)

06. Open Source - A Thousand Joys (Dubstep Version)

07. Open Source - It Ends Tonight

08. Open Source - Descent Into Hades (Ambient Version)

09. Open Source - Aesop's Myth (Psydub Version)


Listen & Buy:

On Beatport | On Bandcamp


Follow Open Source:

On Facebook | On Soundcloud | On Twitter | On Instagram




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