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Perfect Blind - Stratum [BMSS Records Digital]

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PERFECT BLIND - Stratum [BMSS Records] has been released on 04/09/2017!

Genres: Downtempo / Chill Out / Experimental / Tribal Step

Get it here:

Digital 16bit on BMSS bandcamp
Digital 24bit on BMSS bandcamp
Bonus EP + album CD on Perfect Blind bandcamp

19576383_1602196723137989_1405226581_n.j   19667994_1602209106470084_1740686313_n.j

Stratum is Perfect Blinds most nuanced album to date. Ten soundscapes worthy of epic science fiction or futurist fantasy. Clearly destined for the slowly expanding alternative electronic section on BMSS, these intelligent ambient tunes steer clear of boundaries and limits. Prepare to go beyond the familiar. 

Ethereal orchestral synths underscore his stirring cinematic interpretations. Deep, convincing beats and esoteric textures combine to create space like vistas. Even as the music gains speed it never loses its intensity or cinematic feel. 

You may find yourself on the edge of Tribal step or at the border of slower Techno with this exploration into the aesthetics of mechanical sound. You will be drawn into the newly formed solar system of Stratum where you will undoubtedly ponder upon the relationship between ourselves and the stars.


01. Stratum IX 
02. Manifest Destiny 
03. Ancient Machinery 
04. Last Torch of a Dying Star 
05. Burning Mass (feat. Jay Kay) 
06. Foreseen Consequences 
07. Escape Velocity 
08. The Expanse (Spaced Out) 
09. Abyssentient 
10. The Long Silent 

Playing time: 78:03 


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And, if you're an audiophile, you can also get a 24bit version of the album. There IS a diffference... 1f603.png:D
But probably not when previewing mp3 stream on Bandcamp. ^^ 


Here it is, on a separate page: https://bmssrecords.bandcamp.com/album/stratum-24-bits


If you would like a physical copy and some more goodies that'll come with that, there will be available in a couple of weeks... :)

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Good album..


It's fairly dark, atmospheric, and moody, and unique. I'm glad it's not all ambient. I tend to gravitate towards music with beats. Even the tribally drums early in help to liven the music for me. I don't mind ambient introductions and find them good here.


I do miss your more uplifting, mid-tempo work showcased on previous album. This is an interesting excursion into something also creative and different.


Thanks producing quality visionary albums!

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Tnx, you can write a review of it in that section if you like. :D

Anyway, more happy news - couple of weeks after the digital release on BMSS Records, on my own Bandcamp I released a bonus, 5-track EP that follows the album. It includes 2 tracks from Stratum album in their full lenght, 1 remixed track, and two brand new tracks!

Link to the release: https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/stratum-bonus-ep-album-cd
Along with it, there are lots of goodies available:


1. you can get a limited CD of the album Stratum, with 4-page booklet and beautiful artwork;
2. you can bundle it for a few bucks more with my last album Wanderers, if you don't have it already (and get its 2 bonus tracks as well);
3. or bundle it even more with the addition of my Deimos CD (few copies left) - so get 3 CD's and bonus EP;
4. buy 1 of 10 original 15x15cm oil painted canvases for cover artwork (each as a separate item) + ofc Stratum CD and bonus EP.
Or you can just buy digital EP if you're not into physical stuff. 1f642.png  :)[/size]
And if you already bought a digital version and would like to get CD anyway, let me know through my private Facebook, or Perfect Blind page to get a 50% discount on CD, or 30% discount on canvas+CD!





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A little update on this one:
Marking a 1 year anniversary from the original release on BMSS Records in 2017, Perfect Blind now presents full, unmixed (5 min longer) version of the "Stratum" album, in 24 bit 48 kHz quality, on his own bandcamp page.

You can get the album HERE @ BANDCAMP, as well as remaining CD copies, bundles, original artowork canvases (only 2/10 remaining)...


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