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Progressive recommendations


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In a thread posted before this grahf asked about some progressive recommendations..


My question is, can you recommend anything that can be compared with the Plastik Park compilations, because IMO this is the shit.. I am listening to ...Into the parkness right now, and OMG it is fucking great..


Fusion from IBOGA is also great, esspecially the Beat Bizarre track Terra Byte..

I love the 2 min's "intro"..


Take care now, bye bye then..



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Guest .:::E.P

Well there's a new Bet Bizarre CD out from Iboga "Pandora's Groove Box" and a CD like Oryx "Advanced Retromodel" also from Iboga should be of your taste.


And dont miss the new Freq CD "Strange Attractors".

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son kite´s new album too..


freq should be great


check out irresistible meltdown 3 compilation, and chrome compilation too

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Guest Mike D

I'd say:


ZMA - "Battle Royal" - very deep dark psy progressive


Tatsu - "Pure Bliss" Funky light morning progressive


Plusquam - "Irresistable Meltdown 3" Funky n' phat


Iboga - "Puzzled" Phat n'' Phunky, got a great track by FReq

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