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Artist: Akshan

Title: Versions Inedites Ep

Label: Altar Records

Date: May, 2013


1. The Rise Of Atlantis (Extended Live Mix)

2. Adagio For The Braves (Extended Live Mix)

3. Journey To Persia (Extended Mix)

4. Gates Of Heaven (Extended Live Mix)

5. Shadows And Lights (Extended Mix)


Vincent Grenier is a French artist who has crafted some of the most gorgeous downtempo and progressive trance I've ever heard.  His style is symphonic and wide open like the skies of Montana.  No space is left untouched as his music reaches deep and lush soundscapes.  These five tracks for an Ep (almost an hour of music) are versions that were unreleased from his two albums.  One track Journey to Persia I've never heard before.  The music is mellow, lengthy, melancholy and dream inducing characterized by long intros and outros.  It's truly storytelling at its finest.


It's been a while since his last album and I sure hope he will have more music soon.



Altar Records Bandcamp (24 bits)

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