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Cactus Arising - Analog Dreams (timewarp055)

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Out Now!


Cactus Arising - Analog Dreams (timewarp055 - Timewarp)


Beatport: bit.ly/2r5ELBB
Psyshop: bit.ly/2rqHUuq
Beatspace: bit.ly/2susIfa


1 - Cactus Arising - Analog Pots
2 - Cactus Arising - Dark Dreams
3 - Cactus Arising - Dirt Craziness

4 - InnerZone - Time & Space (Cactus Arising Remix)


Cactus Arising is presenting his third EP “Analog Dreams” with four tracks of GOA Trance. All the tracks have been produced with analog gear, and new studio acoustics. All those efforts through the years resulted in a clear and dance floor oriented sound. Fourth track is a remix of fellow Timewarp artist friend Rei Albahari aka “InnerZone” the track was began during Cactus Arising's visit in Israel. I want to thanks Timewarp Records and Renato Brnić aka “Nova Fractal” for the trust in Cactus Arising project all these years. Also a big thanks to Ross DuBois for the incredible cover art. And finally a big thanks to my friend George Deligiannis 'Cydelix' for the brilliant mastering of the ep. Also thanks to Chrysa & my friends for being patient in all those years of listening to my tracks and suggesting improvements. Next will be a special collaborations EP with friends & family from Timewarp Records. We hope you like the “Analog Dreams” EP, & see you at the dance floor.






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what an original title, if I may :D... that aside, music sounds solid.

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