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Pistolero Podcast 029 - Mayix @ Pistolero Label Party 13-01-2017


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Pistolero Podcast 029 - Mayix @ Pistolero Label Party 13-01-2017


DJ set recorded live at the decks at Pistolero label party, 13.01.2017. (Klub Attack, AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia)


Style: Psy / Prog / Tech / Breaks
Length: 141 min


Soundcloud / Mixcloud




01.Aquariohm - Snow Crystals [Pistolero Rec]
02.Gojja - She’s Got The fury Teeths (Neurolabz Remix) [Pistolero Rec]
03.Hefty - Take You Underground (Neuronod Remix) [Pistolero Rec]
04.Zentrix - Controlled Demolition [Pure Perception]
05.Onionbrain - This Smell Like [Andean Tribe]
06.Paracozm & Onionbrain - Alien Dataspace [uroboros]
07.Slytrance - Optophobia [Cosmic Conspiracy]
08.Hellquist - Das Doof [uroboros]
09.Paracozm & Hellquist - Clean Destruction [Glitchy.Tonic]
10.Paracozm & Aewock - Adderal [Padang]
11.Llamaleaf - Annoynica [TechYes]
12.Soluble Sounds - Flumpton Crumbumple [Jaira]
13.Soluble Sounds vs Sourone - Squanch it_Soluble Sounds Version [Pistolero Rec]
14.Digital Swamp - Prototype [Pistolero Rec]
15. Axawaya & Lost In Orion [Pistolero Rec]
16.Onionbrain - Atomic Clock [uroboros]
17.Darkol Trinity - Decapitator (Kloud Nin9 Remix) [Maia]
18.Onionbrain & Megiddo - Homeworld [Popol Vuh]
19.Onionbrain - Kenophobia [Cosmic Conspiracy]
20.Grouch - Let’s All Ket Along [Zenon]
21.Kliment - Glassbowl [Technophobia]
22.Slytrance & Onionbrain - Overthought [Another Psyde Records]





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