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One Arc Degree + Cybernetika - Nether Moon Ep

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Artist: One Arc Degree + Cybernetika

Title: Nether Moon Ep

Label: Ektoplazm

Date: August, 2015


01 - One Arc Degree & Cybernetika - Nether Moon (174 BPM)
02 - One Arc Degree - Ghost Comet (176 BPM)
03 - One Arc Degree - Ghost Comet (Cybernetika Remix) (176 BPM)
04 - Cybernetika - Stinger (One Arc Degree Remix) (87 BPM)
Whaddya get when you mix 2 Greeks and a German?
Some smooth electronic music.  One Arc Degree (Vasilis Kesalidis & Ioannis Konstantios) and Cybernetika (Lars Goossens) combine forces for pretty decent ep.  The science fiction style is well represented as drum n bass percussion pings off the hull of our observatory craft with Nether Moon.  It also has a nice break and cool piano riffs.  The kick thunders in Ghost Comet as gentle and warming tones twinkle above and then Lars gets his hands on it and makes it more dark and mysterious.  The closing downtempo track is also mellow and mysterious. 
Not Earth shattering, but solid nonetheless.

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