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Artist: Schuldt

Title: First Error Code

Label: Aurinko Records

Date: 2003


1. Prologue

2. Stained

3. One Step Closer

4. Search For Salvation

5. Tearing the Fright

6. Constant and Sharp

7. First Error Code

8. Picked To Pieces

9. Traced Back

10. When Anger Cries

11. Deceived

12. Forget?!






Is that...?  Holy sh*t it is! 


Picked up a bunch of Cds from Discogs and this was one of them.  It's an album by Tim Schuldt (actually it's an industrial project he founded) and it was cheap so I said what the hell?  He was always on the fringes of psytrance with dark and edgy productions, but with this album he goes full industrial with his band and it is aggressive.  The whole thing is dark with a futuristic feel.  Looking at those track titles will make you think they needed more hugs from Daddy.  When you hear it you'll think of artists like NIN, Skinny Puppy, Pig...But it's not just ballistic, all out sonic mayhem.  Tracks like Search For Salvation really channel Front Line Assembly with it's dark, thematic overtones yet easily accessible melody.  Even the bruising Tearing the Fright is a drum n bass track with eerie breaks and touches to make it heavy and light.  He uses breakbeats to great effectiveness and even though I'm not a big fan of the screechy vocals often found in industrial, the musicality of it was so good that it had me wanting to find some Doc Martens and create some general anarchy!


Gotta say a little something about the final track Forget.  Starts off with a Korn-esque smooth break beat and has a lounge feel.  It's over in 7 minutes, but contains 5 minutes of silence before it has a last industrial gasp.  I hate that sh*t.  Just make an epic dark ambient closer. 


Last track aside this is a great listen when you're tired of the triplets and common sh*t found in psytrance or goa.  Great combination of psy, industrial, breakbeat, and yes guitar trance.  Some of it is too heavy and noisy, but not a lot of it.  Perfect for breaking stuff!




Good work Mr. Miyagi



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