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[GOA] 36th Hour

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GoaPal    25

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard this GoaPal Airlines flight 303, destination 604.




" 36th Hour"



Artha - Faith

Liquid Flow - Awakening

Eleusyn - Kosmodrom

Cosmic Dimension - Acid From Above

Sulima - Back To Goa

Mindsphere - Inevitable Delusion

Khetzal - Aramean Dreams

Astral Projection - Electric Blue

Chi-A.D. - Celestial

Ree K - Far East Frequency

Ra - Static Distress

Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence

Vishuddha - Trip Tonite (Remix)

Alienapia & Khetzal - Endless Glade

Mindsphere - Wasted Years

Celestial Intelligence - Gray Matter

Liquid Flow - Psyonic Storm

Cosmic Dimension - Time Beyond The Universe

Innerspace - The Ground

Mindsphere - Beyond The Illusion

Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5D

Artifact303 - Delirium

Ra - Initiated

Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven

John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde - Oxygène (Eleusyn Remix)

Antares - Aurora



Ladies and Gentleman, We have been glad to have you on board and hope you enjoyed the flight. We thank you for flying GoaPal Airlines and hope we may welcome you again. Good Bye


Booking Infos: 604pal@gmail.com

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SixZeroFou4    103

You truly live up to your name.


When I see a mix that is posted by you I immediately look forward to hearing it. So far this mix has been played 5 days in a row, for 2 hours each time.


Thank you so much brother. Please don't stop! :)

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GoaPal    25

don t worry mate, i intend to do exactly that. except i ll hopefully mix it even better at some point, who knows? :D


thx for the support, <3

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