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ABYSSE - Courpière (63) Fr - 14 January 2017

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The 14th january 2017, Project Moon will bring you into the depths of the ocean for the evening ABYSSE !

Deco will be based on Abysses subject and the lineup will be organized with this atmosphere too...

Presales: 15€ (exclude rental fee): https://www.weezevent.com/abyss
At gate: 20€

    ૐ ૐ ૐ LINEUP ૐ ૐ ૐ



Funky Freaks Records / Biijah Records – Fr


Digital Shamans Records – Ch

Act One
Digital Shamans Records – Uk

WARP ENGINE (Common project of Z3nkai and Act One)
Purple Hexagon Records – Ch & Uk

A Robot Comes to Her
Geomagnetic, Break Wind Productions et L*C*D Recordings – Fr


► Version Bizar
Psykedream / Elixion Record / Padang Record – Fr

▷ N'Gwa
Vim / Divergence record / Kindcrime – Fr

Project Moon / Phonotrope / Rearguard – Fr


▷ Yosiris
Project Moon – Fr

   ૐ ૐ DECO / MAPPING ૐ ૐ

▷ Decoration by Project Moon team Project Moon

► Vjing : VJ Spin - Vizual Invaders
Vjing of Stone Moon was great ? VJ Spin will be back for this night with a new project !


Presta Sono : Ambouch Studio et Spectacles
► Presta Lights : L'écho des volcans sonorisation et eclairage
▷ Presta Graffiti and painting : Apogé Graffiti Artiste

Forbidden to - 18 years !

No glass, no dogs !

Do not forget to make an effort for environment and think about carsharing.

Respect us, you, the place and the envrionment.

Facebook page of the Project Moon association: https://www.facebook.com/asso.projectmoon/
Event link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1800017500220905/
Event link on Project Moon website: http://www.projectmoon.fr/event/abysse-janv-2017/

Event link on Trancegoa website: http://www.trancegoa.org/s,trancegoa,13,,43511,1,0.html

Event link on GoaBase website: https://www.goabase.net/party/abysse/92072

Location of the event:
Salle Jean Couzon
Rue Pierre de Coubertin
63120 Courpière

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