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"V/A - TB Will Survive"


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Artist: Various

Title: TB Will Survive

Label: Acidworx

Date: March, 2015


1. Thomas P. Heckmann - Cherry 303

2. Seri - TB Will Never Die

3. Metro - MTR308-01

4. Mitaka Sound - Flare Stack

5. Parahoria303 - Savile Row

6. 909state - Turret Track

7. Metro - 14 Steps

8. Narita - Sweet Metal

9. Yokushe - Red Zone

10. Acid Child - Just an Acid Child



Acidworx is a Japanese acid and techno label and they have released a bunch of stuff.  Mostly digital, but also some 12" eps.  This is a compilation of mid tempo acid with house like grooves.  You won't find any layers just the percussion, hi-hat, and that glorious 303.  And they twist the hell out of it.  Great music for head bobbing, but because it lacks those layers and power I found myself waiting for the climax that never came.  Very linear without a lot of depth and felt like a phrase that had been looped over and over.


Still good and funky, and perfect for my walking soundtrack music.





Haters gonna hate.



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