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"V/A - Faith, Hope, and Psychedelia"

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Artist: Various

Title: Faith, Hope, and Psychedelia

Label: A.R.D.

Date: 1998


1. Beach Buddha - Cloudburst

2. Disco Volante - Chameleon (Movement Mix)

3. Ylem - TNKA

4. Esion God - Alice In Thunderland

5. 3000003 - Green Bishop

6. Max & Amino - Chemical Imbalances

7. Discordia - Analytic

8. Imago - Black God

9. Art of Trance - Mosquito

10. Binary Finary - Anthemic 2





"Shaggy you f*cking burnout, are you sure this is where you dropped the DAT tape?"


These days I don't believe there are any undiscovered classics floating around the goa sphere.  With the internet someone surely would've uncovered gold like that.  Maybe Draeke from DAT Records can do it.  Or the guys from Zion or Suntrip, but it's pretty rare.  Still, it's a pleasant feeling when a fairly decent album comes to your attention.  Since I began searching for all things goa this still happens and I'm glad it does. 


The info on this release says that it was a charity CD featuring the finest psychedelic trance and techno in aid of Indian street children.  The finest?  I'll be the judge of that.  At least this disc has some artists I'm familiar with and you'll be glad to know that the goa flavor is well represented.


After a very unimpressive opening track Disco Volante gets things going with a simple offering.  I'm sure their filter cutoff knob fingers got a workout cause that's all this track did.  But, better.  Ylem enters full goa mode with a powerful and melodic track.  I would love to hear this with a good re-mastering.  Alice in Thunderland is thunderous, and could also do with a good mastering.  Sensing a theme? 


Green Bishop is a clanky house beat nothing more and Chemical Imbalance is weak techno.  Analytic has bass that is entirely too loud, but Black God by Imago is some pretty good goa.  I wasn't a fan of the Art of Trance album Wildlife One, but this track was kinda cool.  It's a bit tribal with a "mosquito-sounding" lead and it gets a little funky at the end.  The last track was a bowl of meh.



So several styles are represented here, but you only get credit if the tracks in those styles are worth a listen.  As I mentioned the tracks sound a little muffled and could use a good mastering.  Because of the above this cannot be called a "gem", but there are a couple of tunes worth hearing.

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