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Phase 1 Tickets for ZNA BOOKED!


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I'll just tell thing the way they happened instead of describing my feelings


The past few weeks a team of 5 from my hometown and another 2 women from Athens, we are all planning for purchasing our ZNA 2017 phase 1 (80 eur) tickets.... You may ask, what's the fuss about?

Well the past 2 years in Greece we have bank capital controls so credit cards don't always work online. Luckily I have an American Diners CC (remember I'm an Ex banker)  that works like every other Normal CC in any part of the First world and most countries of the rest of the world. So I charged the girl's paypal accounts and was responsible for paying the tickets for my team directly with my Diners.


GMT 12:00 was the time that the gateway would open and indeed it did open on time. I was of the first people to log in, I quickly input all the names and as I was about to pay with paypal, the bloody ticketing system asked me to log in once more WHICH RESULTED IN MY LOSING MY F#CKING QUEUE.


At that point in some weird cosmic Murphian coincidence my phone started to ring non-stop:

My GF, a collague of hers, my blacksmith, my brother and one of my mates (not coming to ZNA) were calling me one after the other. I picked up the phone call of my mate and told him to tell the universe to F#CK 0FF and leave me alone.


At the same time I was opening browser windows and getting into queues. At 10 mins the bus tickets were sold out (don't care, we'll rent a car) and at about 20 the ticket+bus combo. Luckily around the 25 min mark it was my time and I booked my tickets in a frantic pace, since I hadn't realized that there's was a counter that wrote: Take your time you have X mins to book your ticket.


In the meantime, one of the girls from Athens couldn't book her ticket (they other got it in the first 5 mins) so she was messaging me on FB asking for help, Luckily, I hadn't closed all my browser windows and one of them allowed me to book. The problems was, that I was talking to her (tried to call her but she was busy all the time) and she wouldn't reply with her full name in Latin characters and her date of birth, The clock was ticking but luckily at around 4 mins before the clock expired, I bought her a ticket too.


I know 25 eur is not really a big deal but overall we saved ~200 eur which is ~70% of the car rental fee. I don't really have financial difficulties but the other guys and girls all have financial issues or are unemployed so for them every euro counts!


Anyway, I'll take my time now and find flights for them but that can wait until March (I've noticed that at about 6 months before a trip, the first offers and discounts appear, earlier that 6 months is pointless to look for deals). I'll probably go to North India and Nepal (or some other exotic destination) in July and we have an appointment for the 21st of August at Lisbon airport with our VW Polo or Ibiza station wagon rented car!

Aaaa and the phase 1 tickets were sold out at about 1.5 hours.


Last night ZNA announced  that Transwave will play in their original line-up (Deedrah and Absolum together) and when I read it at my phone, I bit it like commandos do when they go to battle and started running around the living room, screaming like a little biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!



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