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So which is it? Dado the Deedrah *heart&music emoji* himself is in mine and many's opinion one of the absolute most Loved and cheerished artists. He is master.


From the co-ups like Transwave to KromeAngels (have your opinions)


to the Solo's, of Dado - Deedrah (the smiles), Cypher (the wonder), Frederic Baltimore (quit enjoyible for what it offer), Synthetic (the cid)



I think CYPHER - OPIUM is the track by Dado that I least can stand. I'll post it for your listening regurgitation:



Else, the iMusic album is in my top favs to own. :) If you don't have it it's well worth checking out.

I recommand most the 7 theories of .. and the starting to feel weird track. Boomboom

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