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Daksi Timecode-Sangoma

Module Virus - Xochipili the Seven Flowers (Sangoma Records)

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Artist: Module Virus

Title: Xochipili the Seven Flowers

Label: Sangoma

Catalogue: SANGCD014

Release: November 2016

Format: CD/Digital

Mastering: Scorb @ TRK Mastering

Artwork: Jacques Dende Psikodelicious




1. Identical Formulas

2. Prodigious Euphoria

3. Ergot

4. Bass Impact

5. My Fantasy

6. Free Mind

7. Robotic Elements

8. Thriving

9. Simple Switch

10. Circle of Life



Sangoma Records prescribe you the new album of Module Virus.

The London based Portuguese has polished this album for quite a while and tested it on living probands

at Boom Festival and various other events around the globe.

Inspiration for this release is Aztec mythology – Xochipilli, the ecstatic maize god of music,

dance, arts, love, flowers, beauty is the patron of this release, and resembles Bruno’s

love and connection to Mexico and it’s culture. Expect 10 action packed tracks, mastered by Scorb,

to send you on a colorful journey to the land of enchantment.



Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/modulevirus

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modulevirusoficial/



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antic604    500

None of the links you posted - Bandcamp & Soundcloud - contain the samples for it.

It's not available for purchase on Sangoma's web page or Bandcamp account.


Would be great to have those things in a PROMOTIONAL post, don't you think?


Here's few:





Looking forward to this, as I loved his album on Bom Shanka Rec.!

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antic604    500

If you liked Hutti Heita or Shivattva albums, this should be up your alley - forest(y), dark, incredibly precise, tight, groovy and full of energetic patterns. Not much goa or melody there, but it's nevertheless very atmospheric.



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