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VA - Tranced Out Sounds


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hmm what can i say?

some tunes are pretty cool still

i got this despite everybody bashing it like fuck and guess what? i like it!

i liked psygone many years ago and few others in this forum dug it too .. i was diggin his sound and i probably will soon that i speak of it . got the chance to chat with him online somewhere was curious about what gear he had because sounds were pretty cool and still are that i think of it now lol

His optimistique album was different and some peeps were callin it cheesy or so lol

its not like this is psychic deli records or many other big names in the scene but this goa trance is pretty ok you know?...

considering its age ... 19 years old ... i'd consider this a classic by now.


Worth checkin it out if you like 90's sounds , dance music and so on , despite making music i also like listening to some old shit , sometimes its inspiring , sometimes not... da fuck knows.




the coverart ?


honestly dont give a toss about this coverart , theres a microphone symbol probably from windows 95/98 looooooollllll and some hypnotic houdini shit , theres even some magicians in the inlay i think lol ... least theres not some fucking horrible shitty alien making you shit your pants , da fuck you are supposed to listen to it after you've been scared of it?? DUHHHHHH loooooooooooolll





Tracklist is quite alright . of course for many psygone is the highlight and its still nice if you are in the right mood to listen to some goa stuff that's not trying to freak you out or something. probably down to earth guy as they say.

will play this soon as see you later. look for it on google , discogs or something you might get it by a good price lol...


bit off topic but concerning cd prices :

well ... fuck isnt it good to dig some shit out and pay like a normal price for a CD? fuck yea.. them prices on discogs sometimes are like as many here know ... overpriced.

understand some people really get attached to a record but then market prices rising up to 60-70 pounds? ok some is acceptable because many copies weren't made but last time i checked goa gate was 60 euros ?? i made the record but i mean 60 euros?? da fuck knows what price is on now but im not gonna bother to check anyways...

another example was the godance recordings one i did but that was my fault , i dont know why i just released it and shut it off .. pissed off or something .. i know that was on discogs for 80euros really high but i know the reason because only very few copies were sold ... maybe 10-20?? im not thinking of re-release again but im sure you can grab a mp3 copy off the internet anyways if thats the case.

as a producer i like to release my own shit in highest quality available , WAV. as a music enthusiast , lover , collector whatever , i got to buy stuff i really like. I own the Bassline Baby CD still lol :lol:

If you're a person that likes high quality stuff and not just mp3 shattered glass shit sound then welcome to the club. if not then tough shit . Don't take me wrong i got mp3 aswel but its just like a temporary solution or because i havent got cash , time , dedication to collect more records because a guy needs to make room n shit... believe me i would buy them goa vinyls if i had the room along with a compact vinyl player.




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