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Omegahertz - Deca


Omegahertz - Deca  

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Artist: Omegahertz

Title: Deca

Label: Dimensional Records

Release date: 26.11.2013



  1. Golden Ratio
  2. Ether
  3. Smell Of Wet Earth
  4. The End Of Time
  5. Compact Star
  6. Deca
  7. Girl Of The Sun
  8. Puranas
  9. Space Conquest

Total runtime: 1h10m


I made a thread where I asked for recommendations of good post-2010 melodic goa albums and a fellow psynewser @Kitrinos recommended this album. I went on discogs, gave it a look and honestly I didnt take it too seriously because of the cover art. Fractals in the colour of rainbows I mean come on. A month has passed since then and I decided to listen to it. You all know the saying that people spam all the time "Dont judge a book by its covers", right? Yeah well, this is just that and boy do I regret not giving this a listen sooner. Thats what you get for being a shallow S.O.B.!


Who is Omegahertz? I have literally never heard of the guy before I was recommended this album. Omegahertz is a project by Dimitrios Pouranis from Athens, Greece started in 2004, according to Discogs.


This has everything I needed. It is melodic, intense, acidic and very psychedelic. I will leave the technical details for more experienced psy-trancers.


Personally, I am in love with this! It is one of the best melodic albums I've heard and I hope that this review will draw some deserved attention to it! I fullheartedly recommend this to every psy-trancer!

My favorite track is "Golden Ratio"


Grade: A- (minus because of the cover art and the melodies sound a bit too familiar sometimes, but overall it does everything it does very well and makes for an amazing journey)



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