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JIS - Transdimensional Vision


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Artist: JIS (Journey Into Sound)

Title: Transdimensional Vision EP

Label: Neogoa

Date: October, 2015


1. Up There

2. Solar Wind

3. Transdimensional Vision

4. Final Harmony





"My God...it's full of stars!"



Actually that's a concussion...in A minor I think.


JIS is Czellar Gabor an underrated goa producer from the imaginary land of Hungary. Did you catch his debut album Illusions of Reality? If the answer to that question is no then you have some catching up to do. Here, let me help you. I compared his sound to Blue Planet Corporation and I stand by that. He crafts that light melodic goa trance which captivates with its depth. Thanks to the kind folks at Neogoa he presents an EP to continue this trend. Drifting melodies with an undercurrent of liquid goa are on full display as sounds ping off the hull of the spacecraft. His tracks have seamless transitions as old melodies melt into new ones with an atmosphere that is fully cosmic. Trancey, light goa that shouldn't fail to please. Good stuff!


Free at Ektoplazm

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I fully agree with you MDK, BPC is good analogy. I enjoyed listening this one, all four tracks are catchy when you get deeper into them. It´s something that is not bashing you in the face, but yet keeps you interested in track till the very end...


As always, gj mr. Czellux!

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