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Scatterbrain - Return To Dust EP (Digital Psionics 2014)


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1 Infinite Power 8:28
2 Twisted Mind 7:20
3 Howling At The Moon 7:31
4 The Awakening 7:04


So after an *ahem* mystical experience last weekend, Scatterbrain's track Mexican Jesus came to my mind as clear as day even though I haven't listened to it in years and years. When I got home, I took out Infernal Angels and gave it another listen and was amazed by how fresh it still sounded after more than 10 years! So I started looking around if he ever made a second release and he did. Amazingly this was pretty low profile (well, I guess that the people who were into Infernal Angels when it came out aren't really into the scene anymore so I'm not surprised).
Anyway, I was blown away by this, it is much more morning-oriented than Infernal Angels, pretty melodic and very few twisted sounds that were his old trademark. I don't know if people into his old sound will apreciate it (or even if they still care to listen to it), but personally, I like it a LOT.

Twisted Mind is my fave one here, morning trance the way it should be done, not too commercial full-on, not too progressive, not too neo-goa, just no-nonsense good melodies and trancy ambience.

The Awakening is also very melodic, there even is a singing sample in there, that makes it sound almost EDM, not sure if purists will appreciate it but personally I loved it!


Definately one of the most undersetimated releases of the last few years! Alas no "Mexican Jesus pt.II" but definately give this a try :) 4/5

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