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Particle-X - Ion Space


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Artist: Particle-X

Title: Ion Space

Label: Submoon Records

Date: July, 2015


1. Atomic Light

2. Eden Evolution

3. Future Unwritten

4. Solar Zone

5. Ion Space

6. Magma Wave

7. Goa For Happiness

8. Passage To Blue





Heeeeeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaaaack!


Kinda looks like him a little doesn't it? Filipe Santos is an artist that generates strong feelings and as many opinions as his artist names. Some hate him, some love him, some don't care. After a long absence the newly married Filipe is the driving force behind Submoon Records and this guy hasn't missed a beat.


I mean that literally and figuratively. With all that time away it seems he has been uber productive with so many simultaneous releases that exploded onto the scene. Particle-X is another of his projects and while the names may change (I can't tell most of them apart) the quality of the goa trance does not. Super high energy goa with acid from here to Timbuktu. This should be dance floor approved and with all the layered melodies he is known for you cannot help but move. It's just one power track after another on this Cd-r and maybe they do sound the same after a while, but whew...I'll take it. His leads are screechy beasts as bass lines cycle tirelessly underneath. I didn't care for the happiness track, but that's because I like it dark. This was Taffyta Muttonfudge sweet.




You heard me. The album starts off really strong and gradually becomes less heavy, maybe more uplifting and...shiny?


No matter where you stand on the Filipe issue, I have to say that the quality of the goa music scene is better with him in it. He is one of the best music producers our little corner of the music universe has seen in a long time. I hope he doesn't ever say another word on this forum. He doesn't have to.


The music speaks volumes.


Submoon Records

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