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Stop Wars II - The Empire Hikes Back (Sangoma)

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Out now!


Artist: Various Artists compiled by sG4rY

Name: Stop Wars II The Empire Hikes Back

Released: January 2016

Catalogue no: TSANGEP015

Label: Sangoma Records

Genre: Electronic

Style: Psychedelic Trance

Format: Digital EP

Mastering: Tron @ Home Grown Audio Mastering

Artwork: Matthijs van der Geest (Whrikk)


1. Mechanical Species Original Good Shit 146 bpm

2. Fungus Funk & Virtual Light Fur Bikini 148 bpm

3. Dsompa & Ra Root Electro Nonsense 146 bpm

4. Ingrained Instincts Into the Wild 145 bpm

5. Diksha vs Frosty Fennic Mind Expanded 148 bpm

6. Headworks Daft Fader 147 bpm


At a time, when mankind is once again on the edge of repeating its thousands of years old and still constantly repeating mistake of fighting and slaughter, we at Sangoma Records thought its the best moment to take a stand and continue our peace promoting Stop Wars EP Series. We oppose violence the same way Wookies avoid scissors.

The Empire hikes back is a 6-track collection of fresh and newly signed Sangoma artists as well as befriended musicians that share our enthusiasm and visions. We are more than happy to have won them for this project and hope you will like the contributions of our audiovisual peace corpse. This selection of galactic tunes is brought to you by our shanti Bavarian Jedi DJ sG4rY who compiled this release with the intention to invade dancefloors not foreign countries and transform you into stomping storm troopers. Let the Games of Drones begin.

Wars should remain only as science fiction and not become reality may the force be with us.

get the release here:

>> https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/stop-wars-ii-the-empire-hikes-back

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